You want to enjoy your pool and keep it in good condition for swimming. While our customers appreciate our regular pool service, it helps to work together to extend the life of the pool equipment.  Here are six things every pool owner can do to keep the pool running properly and avoid costly pool repairs:

  1. Keep the skimmer basket and in line basket clear. Many pool owners forget to empty baskets, and the baskets get clogged with leaves. When these two items are full, your equipment must work harder to circulate the water in your pool. The harder your pump works, the shorter the life. Best of all, it’s easy and only takes a few minutes to clean debris out of the baskets.
  2. Run the pump for about an hour for every 10 temperature degrees outside. The pump needs to run all year long to help to keep the water circulating properly. One hour per day for every 10 degrees cuts down on the need for some chemical adjustments because you regulate the flow naturally. If the water isn’t circulating properly, then you’re more likely to need pool repairs.
  3. Don’t back wash the sand filter too often. If we’re taking regular care of your pool, then we’ll keep track of the schedule.
  4. Check your total dissolved solids regularly. Total dissolved solids need to be checked every 6 months. You can bring your water into Sparks Pool Service & Repair and we’ll check it for free and let you know if adjustments are necessary. We also provide this as part of our pool service.
  5. Don’t let the pH in your pool get over 8.0. High PH creates issues with pool tile and other inline systems. We will check your PH levels at at no charge.
  6. Check your chemicals year round. In our hot California climate, it’s necessary to keep a close eye on your pool water, even during the winter months. A good rule of thumb for pool owners in Bakersfield is to check the chemical levels two times a week during the summer months and once a week during the winter.