Swimming pools make summers bearable in Bakersfield.  Sparks Pool Service takes care of your pool so all you have to do is enjoy.

Why choose Sparks Pool Service

Accountability – All of our pool service techs are well-trained employees of Sparks Pool Service,  Other pool service companies may outsource their pool service to other companies or use technicians that know very little about pool care.

Full- service repair – We do more than clean your pool. Our technicians keep a close eye on filters and how the pool is functioning. We take a proactive approach so that you can take care of any problems right away before they get worse. We know what to look for to maintain your pool.

Experience – our time in the business provides extensive experience with all of the major brands of swimming pool equipment and filtration systems.

Find out whether the chemicals are included. With some companies, you will never have to buy pool chemicals again because their experts will add chemicals whenever they check the levels and find out that chemicals are needed. In some cases, you may find that the service practically pays for itself.